What's up with the Lavender?

It's our special thank you!

We sincerely want each order to feel special and to have a little piece of our roots with it. The lavender is something my Mema used to make with me when I was a little girl, so these are just a little nod to her and all of the wonderful things she taught me in her lifetime.

These little cloth bags are perfect for sticking in a drawer to freshen it up, or a clean laundry basket, the car or even in luggage.

They do lose their scent after a while, but with a couple of firm squeezes it will release additional essential oils and freshen right back up.

These are not succulent related in any way, we just wanted to say thank you!

And there are times when we run out (very rarely, but occasionally it does happen) or sometimes the box is just too full to get one in, but on most orders you will receive this little gift from us. It's just our way of doing something a little sweet for our customers and to share a little bit of us with you.

Sometimes during the holidays we switch out these bags to contain fresh cedar clippings. These do not last as long, but it makes your entire box smell like Christmas <3