About Us

About our Uploads

Our live plant season generally starts in mid-late October and continues until late June. We generally take January off because of the extreme cold. We also take off July, August, and September due to the extreme heat. Our uploads are typically held every Saturday night at 9:45 PM, Eastern-- just enough time to get the kiddos in bed, relax with a glass of wine and share a fun time looking at succulents with friends. Occasionally we do have uploads on Sunday nights, but these are not scheduled in advance and are announced via text messaging.

Text messaging is the absolute best way to be alerted of a new upload. It is super simple to sign up for our texts. Simply text SUCCS and nothing else in the message to 1-833-772-3327. We will text you about ten minutes before our upload goes live.

About our Photos

Our photos are taken under natural, diffused lighting conditions and colors may vary slightly from monitor to monitor (and sometimes plants change a little in transit). Colors may be slightly influenced by time of day (i.e. sometimes sunset conditions may cast more of a pink hue in warmer months and in the winter we may see more of a blue hue cast on our plants). We do our utmost best to accurately represent coloration, but due to a number of factors, slight variations in color may vary.

Each listing will have at least one photo of the exact plant we are describing, unless it specifies it is a Random listing in the title. In the case of Random listings (meaning we have more than one available of the plant being offered) one plant is chosen for a photo and you can select either the exact plant shown, or a Random plant (if the exact plant is sold out).

Our photos are taken within 72 hours of the listing date are recent at the time of the upload.

About our Descriptions

Each plant we list will be accompanied by a little description written while examining the plant. We try to include important attributes like form, symmetry, approximate measurements and root condition, when the plant was received and overall quality. These descriptions are always written on the day of our upload, so you can be sure the information provided is up to date and accurate for the plant being described.

Upload Announcements

You will see two 'announcements' posted at the start of the upload. The first is our 'About Tonight' announcement. This notice tells you what to expect during the upload. There you will find information about what time the upload will start, how many plants will be listed and the anticipated duration of the upload. Sometimes we will list a preview of the entire upload so you can easily see the what the upload will look like ahead of time.

The second announcement that we post basically acts as our 'open' sign for when we are live. Before the first listing you'll know were at our desks, preparing the upload when you see this announcement and it reads 'Coming Soon.' When the upload starts this announcement will read 'Upload in Progress' and this lets our customers know we are working our way through the upload and more plants are still being listed.

After the upload concludes this second announcement will disappear and the upload will be over for the evening. Unsold plants will be featured on our homepage until they are sold.

Timing Between Listings

Starting Autumn 2022, uploads will be scheduled at two minutes between plants. This gives our customers time to read the description and interact in our Community. If we are able to do a preview link (again, this would be featured in our 'About Tonight' announcement) you will be able to see the upload in full and in order and know which plants are coming up next. Due to time limitations, we will not always be able to do the preview link, but we are going to try to make that a regular part of our uploads as much as possible starting in the fall.


Cedar Creek Farmhouse has always been highly competitive from our first week. The plants we list generally sell out very quickly because they are rare and we only have a limited number of each cultivar. Your cart is not reserved and the first person to check out for any given plant will be able to place the order. Basically, it's a first come, first service system. This means you will likely have to checkout for the plants you want as the upload unfolds. You are only charged shipping once over the course of the upload, so there are no additional shipping fees incurred. We combine ship everything in one package. Each package we ship costs $14.

Video Clips

For two years, most of our listings have included video clips of the plants being offered. We have loved doing this, but it's extremely time consuming and these clips are taken outside, where the weather and lighting does not always cooperate with us. It is with a heavy heart that we will be retiring video clips as part of our regular listings. We will still have video clips of certain plants during the course of the upload (i.e. extraordinary plants, new hybrids or the plant has a blemish or flaw we want to point out). We really want to be able to grow how many plants we are able to offer each week and this simply would not be possible if we had to do video clips of everything. So this fall, expect more listings during our uploads, but only select plants will have a video clip.


We are an extremely small business and as a result, cannot effectively handle cancellations post-upload. We are a small team and cancellations requests are not always received in time to stop a shipment from going out. We also feel that it is not fair to those who were on the upload trying to check out for a certain plant that someone else buys and then cancels. So for these reasons, we do not allow cancellations under any circumstances.

We do have one of the best return policies in the industry though! Very few shops offer a satisfaction guarantee on their live plants. We not only do that, but we take it one step further and if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason we'll even pay your return shipping charges! If you need to do a return please visit our returns section and we'd be happy to help you out! We only guarantee plants being shipped via UPS. Unfortunately, USPS has become so unreliable that we can no longer guarantee plants shipped with this method. This is why our default carrier is now UPS.

The Fabled Just Cart

The Just Cart is something we've been doing for years! When we were first starting out, one of our customers emailed to say that our plants sell out so fast that she didn't even bother reading the descriptions, she just carted anything that she liked because otherwise it would be sold out before she could finish reading. While we always encourage folks to take a moment to read our descriptions, we loved the notion of the Just Cart because it means our customers trust our quality and reputation so much that no descriptions are needed.

We wanted to thank our customers for their faith and trust in us as a brand, so the Just Cart was born. This is one plant that is randomly listed during the upload for only a $1 as a thank you for participating. This plant is also first come, first serve and we only have one in stock. So whoever carts it first gets it.

We used to offer the Just Cart as we concluded our uploads, but now we do this slightly differently, rewarding those who spend time with us during the upload in our Community. At some point during the live upload, completely at random, a link to the Just Cart will post in Community.

Just Carts are limited to one customer per month. If you are lucky enough to get more than one Just Cart please know in order to keep this system fair we will have to cancel your order.

Shipping charges still apply to the Just Cart item. If you already have open orders it will be included in your shipment. If it is your only plant of the evening, shipping charges of $14 will apply.