Random Rares

We will return with live listings in this category sometime in April, watch our homepage for more details! Starting this fall everything listed in this category will already be in-house at the time of the listing. We will continue to utilize the photos from the cultivating farms for this category, as in-house photos take a significant amount of time. Occasionally we might add our own photos, but predominantly you will see photos from the farms themselves. We cannot accommodate requests for additional photos, we are a small staff and the time involved to do that would be extensive. If you would like to see photos of plants post-transit please join us for our Saturday In-Stock listings (everything is in-stock now, but we take individual, post-transit photos in that category). 

We are happy to send you a text message when we list Randoms. We will not be texting for the sneaky in-stock randoms we hide here throughout the week. You do have to sign up for the Random text, we don't want to spam you. To get those alerts text RANDOM to 555-888

This Category is refreshed every Sunday evening around 9:30 PM, Atlanta time.