• Glazed 3" Pot- Spruce (Matte)
  • Glazed 3" Pot- Spruce (Matte)
  • Glazed 3" Pot- Spruce (Matte)

Glazed 3" Pot- Spruce (Matte)

These ceramic pots include drainage and the saucers are detachable (an easy, color-coded way to start your leaf props of the mother plant). In Stock, boxed up and ready to ship out.  

These pots are 3" tall and 3" across with a detachable saucer, specifically made for succulents. We call the color of this pot 'Spruce,' and it features light evergreen layers, bottom layer is unfinished glaze (matte texture), which is excellent for drying out your soil faster after watering.

This listing is for the pot only, no plant is included with the purchase of the planter. We have paired this pot with a chalky, double Tolimanensis for these photos. This pot has a modern feel and looks good with any succulent you pair with it.

We do charge shipping on pots and non-living retail. We charge a flat shipping rate of $12.95 no matter how many pots you buy.