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Korean 'Small' Pots

We use this type of pot in most of our photos and our customers have asked us and asked us to get these in. After a year of asking the potter we have finally gotten him to cave and we're producing small batch runs of these.

This is our 'larger' size, but it's still perfect for most of the rare succulents we sell. It measures in at about 2" across by 2.5" tall. It has the most adorable little feet and more than adequate drainage for a pot this size (crafted specifically with succulents in mind). Almost every one of these has a raw clay interior, which helps to aid drying of the soil in between watering.

These pots are generally in shades of blue, but the potter sometimes throws a surprise or two in there and there are a few that are complimentary hues, but not exactly the same. We cannot guarantee any specific color type. Once these come in we box them in our boxes and they are twined and sitting on a shelf ready to ship to you. We'd have to open multiple boxes and re-twine to find a specific color and it kind of takes away from the fun a bit. So these are sold as random hues, but most are in the blue family. Air bubbles and small imperfections are sometimes seen in these and should be consider part of the charm. 

We offer two sizes

Mini- This size is good for cuttings and extremely small plants (think rosettes of about an inch). This pot measures in at 1.75" across and has an opening of 1" across. 

Small- This size is good for almost all small rosettes. This pot measures in at 2" across by 2.5" tall. Opening size is about 1.5" across. This listing is for the small pot.

You can see the difference between the two sizes in our last photo. All sizes are approximate as these are handmade and slight differences should be expected (you can see small variations in our photos from pot to pot).


Sorry, currently out of stock

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