• SALE! Echeveria Flamenco

SALE! Echeveria Flamenco

We imported some Flamencos for our White Peacock collection and then found a chubbier leaf form that we ultimately decided to go with. Flamencos go through a period of settling in where they will pull from some leaves as they root. We do not stress them during this time and as a result this one has dropped some color.

It will likely not lose many leaves from here. It has already pulled a few, but it is starting to settle now. 

Reason this cultivar is on sale: Lack of stress colors, post transit form

Size: 3.75" across

Rooted? Mature stem with some fresh roots just starting to form

Grade: 7-8

Retail Price (if perfect): Our pricing of Flamenco varies greatly on degree of variegation, post transit quality and size. Had this one imported perfectly, she would have retailed for $95 on our site. 

This plant was listed on December 3rd, 2023.  The photos this plant were taken today under heavily overcast conditions. Symmetry changes can happen from the time photos were taken until the plants are delivered.

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: RS12032315 (you will find this number on the ID stake shipped with your plant. You can type the ID # in our search bar at any time to review the our original photos and item description).  

Sorry, currently out of stock

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