Shipping Options


Our Live Plant Shipping Policy Changed Effective May 7th, 2021.

Unfortunately due to the ongoing issues surrounding USPS deliveries and the nature of live plants, we will be making a permanent switch to UPS for continental US shipments from this point forward.

We have always proudly offered complimentary standard shipping on our plants, but for the last year we have seen slow shipments, incorrect routing, lost packages and a lack of tracking scans through USPS. We have had to refund many orders due to these issues with USPS and the impacts of these lost and delayed packages are felt within our business and by our customers.

These policy changes come with a heavy heart and a lot of careful consideration, but moving forward we will have to start shipping predominantly with UPS. We want to ensure safe and reliable deliveries . 

You can opt out of UPS deliveries and still have your packages ship through USPS, but from this point forward we will only use Priority Mail for our Live Plant shipments and this service will be a flat $8 for all customers. If you purchase live plants from us during the weekend uploads you will receive an invoice to the email on file with a invoice for your combined shipping charges. If you would like to request Priority Mail be applied to all of your future orders please email us at and we'll make sure all of your shipments go USPS Priority.