• Clarifying Clay Mask

Clarifying Clay Mask

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Roote's “Clarify” clay mask is a cleansing powerhouse. Packed with ingredients that are known to deeply cleanse the pores, decrease acne and black heads, and brighten the complexion while keeping the skin hydrated.


Mix 1 teaspoon of clay mask into non-metallic bowl with distilled water (or floral water of choice). Mix and apply to face or body with a mask brush. For added benefits add a drop of organic honey. Allow to dry (it will be easier to remove the mask before it is completely dry and cracking). Rinse with warm water. Follow by a cold water splash. 

We do not recommend using clay masks more than 2x per week. Avoid getting water or any liquid into the clay jar. Always use clean utensils while scooping or applying mask. 



Bentonite clay, Green clay, Activated charcoal, Chamomile Flower Powder, Rhassoul Clay. 


4 oz ⋅ Amber Apothecary Glass