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 Apotheke's Origins

Chrissy founded Apotheke in 2011. Chrissy's vision has been simple from the start, timeless soap-making practices paired with the highest quality ingredients (in many cases working directly with the farms that supply each of the ingredients for her soaps). 

Apotheke started out small, the way most small businesses do. Their journey began by selling their hand-crafted soaps at farmer's markets across the Brooklyn area. 

It wasn't long before major retailers took notice of Chrissy's passion for quality ingredients and her attention to detail. By the summer of 2012, Apotheke opened their first factory, a 3,000 square foot site in Brooklyn, New York.

That same year Chrissy’s husband Sebastian came onboard as the head of Apotheke's production. Sebastian's philosophy is that high-quality and luxury goods can still be made steps from home by real people.

All of the soaps and candles that Apotheke creates are still made in their Brooklyn factory. All of their products are still made by hand, by real people. Apotheke still focuses on utilizing the very finest of ingredients-- you can rest easy knowing that each product is sulfate and phthalate free, never tested on animals, are non-GMO and vegan friendly. All of the scents that Apotheke creates are genuinely lovely and you can now find Apotheke in some of the most prestigious retailers all across the US.