• SPECIAL!! JUST CART! Handcrafted by Master Potter
  • SPECIAL!! JUST CART! Handcrafted by Master Potter
  • SPECIAL!! JUST CART! Handcrafted by Master Potter
  • SPECIAL!! JUST CART! Handcrafted by Master Potter

SPECIAL!! JUST CART! Handcrafted by Master Potter

Alright guys! So this one didn't sell out in an instant-- and I get it. These are pricy and the photos of these that our potter provided do not do them justice.  But I promise you these are so special. I saw that this one was available after a minute or so and I thought, "I need to share this one with you guys."

So, this is my parting gift for staying on with me today. I meant to have every single pot ready to go at the scheduled time but Black Friday takes a serious toll on me the day after and I overslept. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for your patience and enjoy this Just Cart. The pots from this craftsman would make excellent gifts and I have already reordered so I can share a few as well, hoping to have more by mid-December.

I'll be available in the Community Chat after this listing, really excited for White Peacock tomorrow <3 


I did not know what to expect when we ordered from this potter. The pots looked unique in his photos, but I had no idea how beautiful his work would be in person. Each pot that he makes is like a work of art.

The pot is creamy in its matte finish. There has been hand-applied spots of texture. The pot was oval and it has been narrowed by hand give the front of the pot more of a straight edge. The craftsman ship on these are just the best I have seen by any potter we have worked with so far. I have requested more like these and I am hopeful we'll have some more in soon.

All of this potter's pots are matte finished, nothing on these to hinder drying times. He is a little bit expensive, but his work is absolutely worth it. We will follow up in December with at least one more collection from this potter (just as soon as he finishes up our next batch we'll be rushing these over). I had to keep one of these too guys, I only ordered seven because I wasn't sure if I would like them in person, but I was totally blown away when I held them in person. 

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: OPO1128024 

This piece of pottery has arrived in house. Due to a very busy week preparing for Black Friday we have not had time to shoot photos/videos of these since they arrived, but these are all here and are stunning in person. They have all be checked over carefully for quality.

Please make sure you truly want this plant before you checkout, we do not allow order cancellations due to a very demanding shipping schedule.  We do however offer a satisfaction guarantee, so if you purchase this pot and it doesn't meet your expectations just let us know! 

Our next shipping day is December 7th, we want to make sure that we are able to combine all orders and that there are no weekend holds, so we will be shipping all purchases made this weekend on Monday, December 7th.


Sorry, currently out of stock

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