• Hwaga Original Hybrid- PRESALE Echeveria Deneb Cluster
  • Hwaga Original Hybrid- PRESALE Echeveria Deneb Cluster
  • Hwaga Original Hybrid- PRESALE Echeveria Deneb Cluster

Hwaga Original Hybrid- PRESALE Echeveria Deneb Cluster

This is a Direct from the Farm listing. We are changing the way we sell our plants, including our Direct from the Farm listings. There's too many variables involved with selling presales, so from now on when we have stock from this farm we will update the listings individually with what we have. We hope to do this once a month.

*If you have an open order with us containing a Hwaga plant we finally got an inventory count from the farm on October 7th, 2019 and it will take us about a week to reach out to you directly regarding your order. We should have plants in hand no later than 20th. We are very, very sorry about the extended delay on these and we want to make sure this never happens again, so from here on out after we receive our shipments from this farm we will update availability as we go, monthly. For the time being we are marking all of our listings in this category out of stock until we get our fall shipment in and then we will have availability on selected hybrids again after that. 

We're listing some of our favorite exclusive hybrids from this very special farm. Hwaga makes their own hybrids and works very hard at standardization of the species they grow. These plants are not available at any other farm.

You can read more about Hwaga by clicking the logo below:


This is hybrid is called a Deneb. This hybrid features miniaturized compact globe-like rosettes, very pretty and dainty. The first picture is what our Deneb clusters looked like the day we received them (shot under our studio lights in mid-March). Last two photos are Hwaga's reference photos of this pretty little cultivar (shown in these photos not completely stressed). These will arrive clustered and measuring in approximately 2-2.5" in size. These are selected by the farm at random and depending on the time of year could change colors. You can see a short video clip we took for you to get a better feel of the hybrid (also shot in mid-March).


Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: HWAGA10 

**We will place our next order with this farm on the first business day of next month, after which slightly than longer presale transit times apply. We do not accept cancellations, so please make sure you are OK with the possible lead times of Direct from Farm plants before checking out.  


Sorry, currently out of stock

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