This Annual Collection is released around December 1st and will run through January 13th this year. This collection is a mix of on-demand and ready to ship exquisite rares. These are some of South Korea's most coveted, rare and unusual succulents. This page will be updated almost daily with an array of interesting items. We will be filling this category out all day today. So be sure to check back. There will be no text alerts for this category. The White Peacock Collection is exempt from all promo codes, but you are welcome to use gift cards in this category. 

Pricing and Availability

These are the rarest of the rare plants in the world. They are very, very expensive and some have not been purchased at the time of their listing. Some of these rares will be straight from the farm and will take 2-3 weeks to ship to you. These plants are denoted with the word 'PRESALE.'

The PRESALE plants shown here are the exact plant you will receive. These rares were available at our farms at the time of their listing, but may sell out at any time (and if they become unavailable they are removed from this collection live). This page is updated automatically every hour, 24 hours a day for PRESALE plants. 

Peacocks are always market price, meaning the individual farms set their own pricing, based on the grade, variegation level, plant quality and of course scarcity. This category is released yearly as a guide so you can see some of the rarest plants available in the world, but we do not expect a sell out in this category.

We do not allow cancellations on any of our presales, but we wanted to take a moment to remind you of that again here.

In Stocks

Some of these plants (the first 36 released are in-stock and ready to ship). These plants will be shipping within 5-7 days from your order date. We will ensure that delivery takes no longer than 2 days and we will contact you on the day of shipping to make sure you will be home to receive your White Peacock purchase.

Payment Plans

We will be allowing payment plans on available plants starting on Friday, December 6th. We are unable to make price adjustments, so please only order when you are ready.

Quality Guarantee

We guarantee live arrival for plants purchased in this category, but beyond that the risk you take when purchasing plants this rare is your own. If you experience problems with your White Peacock purchase within the first two weeks we will take care of it, but beyond two weeks these plants are excluded from returns and exchanges. We use good farms and the fastest shipping methods available for importing (this applies to all of our plants). Once your plant arrives it will be checked for health. If we see any issues you will be contacted immediately. 

We hope you will have fun window-shopping this special category and we're very excited to help you grow your collection of super rares. This page will be updating all day today and then daily throughout the month of December.