Autumn Announcement


Live Succulent Sales Return in Autumn 2022

It's finally time! Our first upload of the season will be on Saturday, October 29th and will start at 9:45 PM, Eastern.

Due to some carrier changes not all text messages may go out at this time. We are working on the issue, but we will start promptly at 9:45 PM.

This year we're working to make our uploads faster and to increase the quantity of plants we are able to offer. As a result we will just be posting one photo of each plant and no videos this year. If we can find a way to do the video clips faster in the future we will revisit them! We love being able to show you guys our plants in this way and we haven't given up on them yet, but we want our uploads to remain fast, so until we find a workable solution we are temporarily ending video clips.   


    Requests and Subscriptions

    We are working on both our Request and our Subscription sites. We had hoped to have a refresh on these sites over the summer, but we lost a beloved family member in September and we've just taken some time to be with family this summer. The Request site will reopen sometime in November. This year we are implementing a new strategy to process requests faster. We had some bugs with our initial run of the Request site that made things difficult for us, but we feel confident that this will be a much-loved addition to our brand later this autumn.

    Our first subscription delivery will be the first Tuesday of November.