Contact Us

Means of contact

Personal email- If you are a customer and need a timely response by all means email me. Mark it urgent if you want me to see it right away, but depending on the day of the week it may take me a day or two to reply.

Returns- That email is reserved for strictly for processing returns and it is looked at daily when I'm in the office.

Requests- That is reserved for strictly for processing requests and is looked at once a week when we place orders.

General Inquiries-

You are more than welcome to contact us via our social media sites, when we're in season we try to check those platforms twice a week, but it is always quicker to email. 


A Special Request from Crystal

I absolutely love connecting with you, it's my favorite part of what I do at Cedar Creek Farmhouse. This community is gracious and kind and full of warmth. I absolutely love it and I have made some very true friends. 

That said, it's really, really hard for me to keep up with emails. Our site gets hundreds of visitors a day and that translates into inbox overload. My inbox was originally set up as a means to communicate timely responses to customers with active orders, vendors and farms. It has become more of a catch-all for all sorts of inquiries. I do my best to keep up, but it can be at times an impossible feat.

For general succulent tips there are so many wonderful and knowledgeable people in our community. There's a wealth of information on the web as well. I am not dodging you if you have sent in an email pertaining to care, but it is very difficult for me to respond to these messages in a personal way daily and have any time left over with my family.

I ask that we compromise here and I promise to start being more active in our blog and on our community tab, that way when these questions get asked they have a lasting effect and others can see and learn from the responses. I share with you what I have learned so far and others may even chime in.

So, check my blog, there are a lot of tips and insights already posted there and if you have a question about care ask it in the 'Community' tab of the page so others can see the response and possibly chime in. I'm not saying this to be standoffish, but this business is extremely time-intensive and I want to make sure that my answers to these sorts of questions can help others as well.

And if you've got a cup of coffee in front of you and are just feeling chatty, I love a good gab session. Getting to know you better is one of my favorite aspects of the job. I do grow weary of typing out the same care responses over and over again, but tell me about your family, your garden -- I'll be more ears than a bunny. Seriously. I never tire of getting to know you better.

We are not on social media as much as we need to be. Taking care of my customers on a daily basis has to be priority number one and Instagram is the last place I go in terms of checking for things. It is so easy to get distracted and bogged down once signed in there. It's like a moth to light, so many succulents in the feed. I could spend hours on that app and I have to limit my time there until the business has grown in such a way that I can have more time to market via social media.

Some of you have been incredibly generous to post pictures and tags and for that you have my heartfelt thanks and appreciation. Before I started my business I used to do that for sellers and would be hurt and offended when I didn't see a like. Now that I've walked a mile or two in their shoes I understand it's simply a time constraint. It still sucks to not get a like, and I need to be more in-tune with what is going on there. It truly means a lot to any store you do that for, it's not a reflection of how we feel about your, or artistic creativity or any of that.

Fledgling businesses (mine included) do not pull in enough revenue to hire the kind of staff it takes to run properly, my business needs about three full time staff members and we simply cannot afford that yet. Something always has to give somewhere and in our case that usually impacts our social media platforms the most.

We only have two part-timers at the moment and me working double time. I'm hoping we have two full time employees by the fall of this year, plus the small staff we have now. Until that happens social media is still on the back burner for us. So if you have posted for us I genuinely feel honored, it is essentially the only advertising that is being done outside of word of mouth and it helps us out more than you will ever know.

I can never tell you thank you enough for allowing me to do what I love... you guys have blessed and supported me in a way that I could have never anticipated and I appreciate you dearly. I feel truly honored each time we have a sale or drop off a box. Thank you for making this possible.