Direct from the Farm Lead Times

Direct from the Farm plants have longer lead times than our average presales.

Vendor-specific plants are ordered a little different than our regular listings. For these listings we order direct from the farm. We collect the these presale orders throughout the month and place the order with the farm on the first of the following month. So depending on when your order is placed your order will ship within 3-7 weeks. 

For example. If you order January 3rd, we place that order with our farm on February 1st. From there it takes the farm up to ten days to package our order and about another seven days in transit. We need a week to process the shipment after we receive it. This gives the plants a chance to rest and it allows us to look for quality, then they are repackaged and sent along their way to you. The entire process from when we place our orders with the farm until the time they leave our facility is can take up to 25 days. We can appreciate this is a long time to wait, but plants direct from the farm take longer than our traditional presales, on our regular presale listings we work with a partner on the ground in Korea who picks our orders up from the individual farms and inspects these orders for quality and packages the orders immediately.

With these direct from the farm orders if you order just after the start of the month you could be looking at a total transit to your door time of up to seven weeks. If you order at the end of the month the total transit time could be as short as three weeks. In rare circumstances the farm may be out of stock of a specific cultivar when we place our order. If that happens you will be refunded to your original form of payment, issued a small gift card to say we're sorry and we'll alert you as soon as more are made available.

With Direct from the Farm plants we use a representative image of the cultivar you're purchasing given to us by the farm. The color of your plant may be different at the time of shipping, depending on the season, the plant pictured is at the height of its stress cycle.

We offer Direct from the Farm plants as a means to prevent sellouts. We buy these plants in bulk so we can always have something to offer you, as our live listings tend to sell out rather fast. Please understand the transit times fully before making your purchase. We do not accept cancellations once an order has been placed, but our return policy does apply if you don't like what you order after it arrives.

Another note, we do not hold your order if we're waiting for a direct from farm plant to arrive, these will ship separately from any other orders you might have placed. Plants are shipped as soon as they come in at Cedar Creek Farmhouse, we try to combine plants arriving within a few days of each other, but nothing is held because we're waiting for something else to come in.