Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of the top ten questions we encounter on a daily basis. 


1. Will my succulent stay the color shown in your photos?

Probably not during the warmest months of the year. Succulents throw colors in response to stress, this is across the board for most succulents. There are very, very few true year-round stable colorful succulents. The colors shown by your succulent in times of stress can be quite intense, depending on the particular cultivar or hybrid parentage she has. And some cultivars hold their color for longer than others, some play very nice. But, as a general rule you can never expect a living thing to remain the same and succulents have seasons. Even without experience in stress you should see most of your rare collection start to transform every year starting in late October and remain colorful until early April, provided that you live in a climate with chilly nights. 


2. How often should I water?

This too depends on your succulent. You never want to water too frequently and you want to make sure she has adequate roots before attempting to water. Never allow the soil in her pot to remain moist to the touch for over 24 hours, this will make her susceptible to rot. We water some of our succulents every three days with a fine tip syringe just over where the roots would be, but we're only giving small amounts of water. Some plants can go many weeks in between water offerings, it really just depends on your plant. The chubbier the leaves the less likely she want regular water.


3. Do I need to cut the gritty soil with something?

You don't need to cut it with anything, it's ready to use out of the bag, but during growth cycles we cut it about 25% with an organic blend we like to use. During periods of dormancy we utilize a pure inorganic mixture.


4. When are your uploads?

You can find our upload schedule here.


5. Help! I went to check out and all of my plants are sold, what happened?

Your cart does not 'hold' or 'reserve' plants for you. Our uploads are live and our loyal customers know the schedule and they are very, very fast. When someone successfully completes checkout that plant is no longer available for purchase. You have to checkout as you go, which is one of the primary reasons we don't charge shipping.


6. I've heard rumblings about 'On the List'… what is it and where do I sign up?

On the List is a loyalty program we have built for our best customers. Right now it's by invitation-only and we're pretty secretive about what goes on there :)   


7. Do you send free gifts?

Yes and no. We do not send free plants with every order, but we do try to give out one or two free rares during our live upload (our Just Cart plants). These go to whoever reaches checkout with them first.


8. What is this bag in my box? It smells so good.

That's lavender and this is a free gift that we try to send out with every order. You can store it your luggage, under the seats in your car or in your delicates drawer. If it starts to lose its smell just give it a couple of quick squeezes and it will crunch the blossoms inside and they will release more oil.


9. Do your plants ship rooted?

Most of the time there are some level of roots on our plants, but it truly depends on the farm. Rooting is pretty quick and we guarantee our plants for a period of 30 days, so if you have any problems just let us know.


10. Wait, you guarantee your plants?

Yes, if you plant fails to perform, dies suddenly or you just hate it let us know within 30 days of receipt and we'll work with you to return her (if necessary) and send you a store credit to replace her. Please drop us a line at and be sure to include your order number.