Order Cancellations

Cancellations- We do not allow cancellations on any purchase. We can appreciate that seems counter-intuitive with a 30-day store credit policy, however when we're running at capacity we are processing a lot of orders. There is not just one person responsible for packing orders and we cannot always communicate with our fulfillment staff in time to prevent an order from shipping. During peak times we are doing postal drops twice a day. 

We also feel that it is unfair to both us and other customers patiently waiting on live uploads to have everyone watching and then have cancellations afterwards that no one gets to see. And the plant(s) you order have been ordered for you and we have paid for those plants up front. So be sure of the plant you want to purchase before you checkout.

We have made exceptions to this policy in the past, we will are going to be firm on this policy in the future. If you complete checkout your order will ship, barring any issues with the plant.