Just CartIf you are new to our store and unfamiliar with our practices we wanted to share a special practice of ours that we think makes our store unique, and it's a practice we hold near and dear to our hearts here. It's called 'Just Cart.' 

About two months after launching a sweet customer sent us a private message that said something to the effect of our plants sell so fast that sometimes there’s no time to even read the description, you just cart. 

We were genuinely humbled by that sentiment and wanted to implement a different approach to gifting our customers. Most other rare succulent shops will send cuttings and other things to show their appreciation when an order ships. Usually these plants aren’t of much value to a collector, but the gesture is appreciated. Here at Cedar Creek Farmhouse we want our gifts to fit in with your collection nicely. We also want to express our gratitude to everyone who joins us on our uploads, whether or not they can presently afford to place an order with our store.

The idea of ‘just cart’ was born from here. Absolutely no prior purchase is necessary for 'Just Cart' plants. They are simply a 'gift' available to anyone who joins us on our uploads. Obviously, we only list one or two per live upload and we tend to do them at the end of our Saturday in stock upload and MIMM upload as a way of closing out the upload and thanking everyone for joining us. We do occasionally hide ‘Just Carts’ in our Randoms section as well for site stalkers, but only occasionally. 

You will be charged $1, it’s the only way to complete checkout and secure an order. The first person to successfully complete checkout gets the plant, no prior purchase required and no shipping charges. 

We immensely appreciate all of our customers and try to do other things to give back to our loyal customers throughout the year, but we try to do Just Carts on those two uploads mentioned above every single week. 

We will be looking strategically at some loyalty-based programs over the summer as well.