Text Alerts

Text Messages- We announce the uploads via text messaging. Most of these uploads start at night, we do this because we're shipping during the day. So if you're East Coast and you're not a night owl you have our endless apologies.

If you sign up for text messages you will get text notifications sometimes after 9:00 PM, EST, but we generally try to refrain from texting after 9:30 PM. We can appreciate this is late for some of you and we sincerely try to be respectful of how we text.

We never want to be spammy. In attempt to not be annoying we have broken down the text alerts by keyword. You do have to sign up for the different keywords to be alerted on different days or for different topics. Signing up is easy, just text the keyword only exactly how it is shown (and nothing else) to 555-888 and you will get a confirmation text letting you know you're signed up. If you do not get an immediate text back you aren't on the text list and will need to contact us so we can add you manually. 


SUCCS (For in real time text notifications of In-Stock Saturday, MIMM sales, Lunch Break and general announcements)

RANDOM (For in real time text notifications of Randoms on Sunday)

CCFBLOG (For in real time text notifications of Blog updates)


Note from Crystal- I love working live. It allows me to see the fruits of my labor in real time and it gives me a sense of comradery with you all. I truly feel connected to our customer base by operating my business in this manner. I get to be playful in our descriptions, make jokes and connect with you in a way that gives you a little insight to who I am (spoiler alert: I'm a total goofball), which may or may not be important to you, but it leaves me with the feeling that I'm involved in some way in your week and that's something I take to heart. So sometimes if I'm working live with an audience I will occasionally utilize one-time use keywords to assist me with communication in those listings. I try to keep them fun and light-hearted. 

I appreciate your patience during these live uploads-- anything can happen, mistakes can be made and it's in real time so there's about a 2-5 minute delay in between plants -- sometimes my daughter wakes up and needs something or sometimes I need a quick coffee refill... last year my 92-year old grandmother called in the middle of an upload to wish me a happy birthday and it took me off line for a solid 20 minutes as I tried to politely explain what was going on, lol. That's the most beautiful part of life and I'm human and things happen, I try to communicate unforeseen breaks during live uploads, should the need arise, once we're live. Please know I try to be respectful of your time and do the best I can to work as quickly as possible once an upload is underway. 

Thank you for allowing me to work this way, it keeps things fun and helps me feel connected.