White Peacock

The Collection- This is a special collection that is released annually starting Cyber Monday and runs through January 10th. Here you will see South Korea's most coveted, rare and unusual succulents for serious collectors.

Availability- As you might expect these plants are market price and some can be outrageously expensive. We want to make these available to you, so our solution is to reserve the plants with our farms at the time of your order (meaning that the plants are not reserved with our farms until your order is placed). The collection is real time and the plants available are updated on this page every five minutes, so if a plant disappears from this special collection it was sold at one of our partnering farms and will automatically be removed from the available White Peacocks. 

Deposits- We can appreciate that the plants offered in this collection are very expensive and want to help you with your purchase. We offer a down payment plan for these plants and your order can be secured with a 35% deposit, the remaining balance is due within two weeks. These are the only plants we offer payment plans for. 

You can see last year's White Peacock Collection by visiting our archives. (Updating soon!)