• Braunsia Maximiliani, (Random)
  • Braunsia Maximiliani, (Random)

Braunsia Maximiliani, (Random)

These a photo that is representative of the stems you will be receiving. These were photographed after about eight days of water propagation.

We just received a beautiful shipment of Braunsia. We have learned by experience that these require more water than most succulents and we highly, highly suggest having a specialized vessel to rehydrate them in whenever they start to go a little wrinkly.

The shipment that recently came in was beautiful and could probably be shipped as is, but we want to give these about a week to settle in and root for us in-house, so these would not be shipping until Tuesday, October 22nd. 

We are going to bundle price these as three stems for $15, or if you choose to have a water propagation vessel shipped with them three stems for $25. Most stems are about 2-5" long. True clusters, multiple branches from the same stem will be $20 (or with vessel for $30). These are already bareroot and look pretty good, but I want to make sure they're fully hydrated before shipping. Three stems will look very similar to what is pictured here. Shown in our picture are three stems from the same farm shipped a few weeks back that have been fully rehydrated. 


Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: L101501 


Sorry, currently out of stock

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