• SPECIAL! JUST CART!! 'My Way,' (Random)
  • SPECIAL! JUST CART!! 'My Way,' (Random)
  • SPECIAL! JUST CART!! 'My Way,' (Random)
  • SPECIAL! JUST CART!! 'My Way,' (Random)

SPECIAL! JUST CART!! 'My Way,' (Random)

Hey guys, this is your freebie tonight -- a super special 'just cart'. We're down to our last five plants of these that are in-stock and ready to ship next week, so if you miss this one and are in love with the cultivar please consider snagging one up before we run out. 

I asked our agent to scout around and he found us a farm with a few more. I wanted to see these in person before offering them to you, they're just so pretty in photos, but it's a new product for us and I wanted to see how they shipped. They are here now and they came in as absolutely lovely fuzzy, blushing branches.

For this listing you are getting one to two branches of 3 to five heads in total, measuring in at about 2.5-3.5" across. The first photo is four clusters, so you can see what a full handful looks like. The third photo is representative of one bundle. They are rooted and have shipped beautifully.  And the last photo is a picture of a mature branch we sold recently (these are a little smaller than the mature specimen, but a great way to get started with this plant). 

No idea what this stuff is called in the rest of the world, but in South Korea it's commonly called 'My Way.' I have never seen it before and our agent told me it's a type of sedum. 

We rarely see stuff like this, so this could very well sell out fast. If it does the farm has a few more and we'll make a presale listing, but if you're purchasing from this particular listing your blushing fuzzy branches will ship next week. 


Sorry, currently out of stock

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