• SPECIAL! JUST CART! Pachyphytum Machucae, Large Cluster

SPECIAL! JUST CART! Pachyphytum Machucae, Large Cluster

These photos were taken this evening and all of the plants arrived today (June 29th, 2019), so this is how things are currently shipping.

Alright, if you are reading this and you're not hanging out in the Community tab we have decided to call it an early tonight this evening and we'll pick up again tomorrow. I have six more in-stocks that I will list in the morning. Sundays are my day to sleep in, so I will sleep without alarms tomorrow and then I will list the remaining six plants. If you're signed up to the CCFBFF list I will text you when I make these last six live, otherwise check in around lunch time tomorrow. 

After I get those listed I will work on our paperwork and address emails this week. Thank you guys for being so patient with me. I know I am slow to respond to email, it's not intentional, there's just not enough hours in the week some weeks, but I will be spending about six hours in my email tomorrow before prepping tomorrow night's upload. We will also be pulling orders and preparing for a big shipping day on Monday. 

Tomorrow evening we will have a big Random Rare refresh as well :)

Last up tonight is your Just Cart. This is a sneak preview of some of the 4th of July Flash Sales. This is a large Pachyphytum Machucase cluster. She's measuring in at about 5" across. She's not stressed, it's a little healthier to opt for less stress plants of this cultivar this time of year. She's in good shape, tons of pups. We will be offering In-Stock clusters of this size for only $15 on the 4th :)



Sorry, currently out of stock

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