Hey guys! Notice anything different on your visit to CCF this time? Quite the transition, huh? Not all of the kinks have been worked out yet, we are still tearing our hair out on the backend, trust me. Please continue to be patient with us as we work out the bugs and if you see anything that needs to be changed please send me a message, crystal@cedarcreekfarmhouse.com 

I wanted to take a moment to introduce our 'Community' feature. I think this is one of the most exciting changes we've made. You will have to sign up for a Cedar Creek Farmhouse account to use that feature, but in doing so you'll see a complete history of your orders too -- a quick list of what has shipped, what hasn't and you can easily reference past pages. 



If you're using a a desktop the 'Community' tab is located under the main logo at the top of the screen.



And if you're using a mobile device it's on the side bar menu near the bottom of your options. 

Community is simply a forum where you can post your succie questions, ask for help -- discuss anything your heart desires and even make trades. That's right, we are offering you guys a forum for trading. We will not moderate plant trades, so make sure that you are comfortable with the concept as it is 'at your own risk,' but we have found the people in this community to be more than fair and honest so far.


So please take a moment to check out that feature.


Tips: You do not need to put your personal details out there for the world to see, you are able to PM members of the community by clicking their icon and you'll be given the option to send them a message. When you're logged in you will see a little 'messages' icon in the lower left hand part of your screen, it's pretty simple but it gets the job done. 



Rules for the community are fairly lax, a tiny bit of profanity is allowed -- we're adults and some times chipmunks eat your favorite echeveria and that obviously warrants sailor talk.

But, for the most part let's try to keep it clean, professional, helpful and fun. No nudity, I don't want to see your pricks and I will have to moderate the forum from time to time, so thank you in advance for your understanding there. No belittling or condescending behavior will be tolerated, period. 

I would love comments below as to what you think about the new site, how we can make it even better and general thoughts. It's literally the dumbest thing in the world, but this blog platform does not allow me to reply to your comments as the blog author. I'm not being a snob, it just doesn't have that incredibly basic functionality. I have called customer service, it's just not available [insert eye-roll], but I do see them and the comments mean a lot to me. I will be responding to comments when needed as a 'reader' of the blog [insert double eye-roll]. Thank you for reading, hope you like the changes! -Crystal


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