We are postponing this week's The Good, The Bad and The Ugly sale (sorry!) and Sunday night's listings. We've been playing catch up on shipping all week and working on loan documents for the new place. We will return to our normal schedule next weekend, promise.

I sincerely appreciate your patience. I just don't want to list anymore until we get the orders out that need to go out and this loan stuff is super time-sensitive. That does not mean that we're not ordering new plants or anything like that, we've been working on incoming stock all week too, I just don't want to add any additional orders to our workload until we get caught up from the last round of sales. 

I want to share my heart with you guys tonight. I'm a girl who belongs in the country, if you can't tell by my online descriptions and personality. I never meant to stay in Atlanta as long as I have, but our first born daughter was terminally ill and we stayed here to be close to her hospital to ensure she had the best care she could get. 

I don't share my personal stuff often, but it's time to buy land for the business and it's time for me to be closer to my family. The time we have spent in the city has been full of memories I want to replace with happier ones. And Cedar Creek needs to start growing its own stock of rares to ensure quality, stock levels and allow me to have more control over supply and demand. It needs about ten acres. 

We thought we would start looking for land in August or September. I have worked hard this spring and I missed Father's Day this year. I went home a week later than I should have and passed a sign for Cedar Creek Realty on our way back to the city through a beautiful part of the country (the property had been on the market for exactly 48 hours when we passed the sign, so funny how things work out).

So, naturally I checked out their listings. They had some property for sale that I felt would be perfect for our family and business. On the 5th of this month we toured the property and the realtor practically had to kick us out, lol. He's such a nice guy, very patient. 

This week we had been working on getting pre-approved, but it's going to be a little tricky, since we still haven't had time to get our house here listed. We had been working on paperwork all week and the realtor called and said there were four showings for the property scheduled for today and he thought it might be time to put in the offer. 

So, today we filled out the offer paperwork and sent it back. About half an hour ago I got word the offer was accepted. I became really emotional. I don't get emotional often, but it just feels like things are falling into place and it's closing a chapter of our lives. The property is special too. It belongs to two sons who inherited it from their father who recently passed. They are emotional, we are emotional, I know we'll be good stewards of the land and I know what it means to our family to finally come back home. 

Anyway, super emotional again. But, the first hurdle is out of the way. We should have our loan paperwork in by Monday, but the loan officer is also the VP of the local bank and she said she felt like it was a good chance that she could get the paperwork pushed through, even without the house here selling yet. So, fingers and toes crossed. 

I just wanted to let you guys know what was going on this week. I am working really hard to get everything buttoned up and I see a very exciting future for the business when we take ownership of the land. We'll put up our first climate controlled greenhouse shortly thereafter and work on our first crop of in-house-grown-rares. 

Thank you guys so much for your amazing support of this little dream I had. It means so much to me. 




  • Posted by Jade on

    I just wanted to say how excited for you I am! I don’t even know you but I got emotional just reading this so I can only imagine how you must feel! I’ve bought succulents from you once before, (and then again this past week), and it’s obvious just from the way everything was packaged how much pride and passion goes into your work. Wishing you and your family lots of happy memories on your new property and looking forward to buying succulents from you again!


  • Posted by Kim Barnett on

    I definitely think this was meant to be, Crystal! Thank you for sharing and I have my fingers and toes crossed for you as well. ~ Kim

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