Hey everyone! Just a quick check in, I don’t like using blog posts for general check ins, but until we start listing again I’m going to put our updates here for the time being.

I have been working very hard the past two weeks -- we have ordered about 450 plants just this week. We are working diligently to get ID stakes printed for these shipments before they arrive, doing our phytosanitary paperwork and creating listing placeholders on the site (for faster live uploads). We have also bagged hundreds of bags of lavender and built hundreds upon hundreds of boxes in anticipation of coming back online.

If you are looking for a specific succulent please email us at requests@cedarcreekfarmhouse.com and we will review those requests this week as we order.

We have restocked soil, water propagation vessels and we have a replenishment stock order of pots on the way (along with some new pot designs).

We anticipate being back to our regular schedule by mid-month (we will be holding a special listing for our gift card holders before we start selling to the public again). Of course exact dates will depend on shipping times and quality (everything is a little slow because of the virus), so no outright promises on when our weekly uploads will get started again, but soon! We are holding our plants in-house for two weeks after we receive them to prevent spread of any surface contaminants.

I hope everyone is staying safe! If there’s anything I can do to help you please don’t hesitate to email. And just for fun a couple of sneaks of my favorite plants that are on the way this week, but availability will depend on post transit quality. 

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