Good morning, everyone! I promised an update on where we were in terms of shipping post move and I need to apologize for last night. I have been hosting live uploads for for 18 months now and in all that time I have been the only one to touch our listings. I have worked so hard this week I laid my head on my desk to rest my eyes from the harsh computer glare and just crashed out at the keyboard.

My dear husband found me and tried to take over last night... I argued with him and I asked him to just post the 'Just Cart,' but upon waking up this morning I see that he tried to do the upload. He's been begging me for months to let him help with these, but connecting when you guys live is the part of this I enjoy the most.

I work in this industry day in and day out everything I do is in my head, I am passionate about these plants. I know a lot about how each one should ship (of course mother nature can always fool me), I know them by sight, current market prices and I can speak to stress coloration and things of that nature when I'm live from experience.

There are no pricing notes because I work in this daily and I try to make sure our prices are in line with our competition before I post every single plant, and with so many of ours being hybrids it's hard to have anything to compare them to. So, there were some plants last night that were listed at lower prices than usual and some at higher prices than usual. I am looking over the listings now and all of the lower priced items will be kept at their lower prices, obviously :) I am also lowering the prices of some of the unsolds from last night that were priced too high.

I am not going to price adjust anything that has sold, not because I don't care, but because price adjustments can only be done after shipping, otherwise I can't print a shipping label in our system (this platform closes out an order after any refund, so if I do the refunds before the order is fulfilled it will not show as an active order in our system, that's why any price adjustments or refunds we do are done after shipping). There were only a few that were listed at more than I think is fair, but when I go to ship those I will price adjust those out then. I am putting notes in our system as to which ones should be price adjusted at the time of shipping. 

I was trying to get everything we had on the way listed before I drove to Florida this morning to visit my mom, but this week I have just been working around the clock. I was hoping to have everything shipped before I left. We worked really hard this week, but since coming back in March (two straight months without a day off and each day I work nearly 15 hours) I haven't had a day off from either working or moving, so I am going to take tomorrow off completely. 

I also found my husband crashed out at the keyboard too, he tried his best. It means a lot to me that he would try to help so we could get on the road this morning, but I will assure you that in the future it will only be me doing these listings. It takes a lot of experience to host our live listings and I want to be the one that connects with you.

He didn't finish our listings either, lol. We have about 75 more plants to post. I will get the remaining plants up this evening (but I will be doing it remotely from Florida). I will fix any mistakes I see on the ones that have not yet sold this morning and put in system notes for the ones that need price adjusting at the time of shipping. 

I will be working again on Monday (shipping first and then we'll have another upload). I will get to our emails next week. I know there are some very overdue replies there, but I have been prioritizing shipping after the move. Running a business at this volume is a very, very hard thing to do. I absolutely would have stopped listing two weeks before the move, had I known it was coming. I deeply apologize for anyone still waiting, there's only a few of you, but I recognize that a few packages are late.

This business requires me to wear a lot of hats and the days are incredibly long. I value each and everyone of you very, very much, if it weren't for you I couldn't do this. I promise to get in our inboxes this week and get any questions or concerns addressed. 

Thank you immensely for your kindness and support. I give this 100% of what I have, but please try to remember this is not a big box store. This is a one-woman show with a little part-time help when I can get it. And listing the incoming plants and shipping has to be a top priority because we have limited rack space. It won't always be that way if you guys allow me to continue, but right now it is. We're working on expanding our facilities right now (the move was paramount for long-term goals). Good help is hard to find and I don't trust just anyone with the plants or paperwork. The help I have is good, it's just limited because the help I have cannot commit to full time hours because they have other obligations. We're working to increase availability with our part-timers, but it's always a tightrope.  

You guys may not consider me a friend, but I think of all of you that way. I am doing my very best, I promise.

I hope all of you enjoy your Mother's Day, whether it be with your own mom or children. This day is always a bitter sweet one for me as I reflect back on who made me a mom. It's a day of reflection and is a mixture of happiness and sadness. I know there's a homemade cake waiting for me in Florida this morning, so I can't wait to reflect over coffee with my mom this weekend and thank her for all that she has done for me. 

I hope you all have a fantastic day tomorrow! Thank you so much for allowing me do what I love. -Crystal

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