• Postpone My Shipment

Postpone My Shipment

We can appreciate at times it's beneficial to postpone a shipment so you can add more plants to your box or if you're traveling out of town. We are happy to postpone delivery for up to two weeks (we will not hold plants longer than that unless you email us first).

If you would like us to hold your shipment for you simply 'purchase' this listing (it's free, don't worry!) and this will tell us when to ship out your order. 

Imported succulents need to be potted and start settling within a few weeks, so we don't like to hold plants longer than two weeks because there's added stress involved with uprooting them once they start to settle back in, but if you have a special request around a hold please email us at:

We will hold your plants in our cold room and keep them in a semi-dormant state (temps inside are a stable 55F, we supplement the C02 and we have commercial grade dehumidifiers), even with that some changes can still occur. Your plant may consume a leaf or two to stay hydrated, it may open a little as it starts to feel at home or it may start trying to root despite the cooler temps.

Please let us know when you would like your package shipped (we only ship on Mondays and Tuesdays) and any other information you would like us to know.