SPECIAL! JUST CART!!! Echeveria Largea

Sorry about that guys! One of the hazards of being live, if an order came through at full price of the last product I will refund. I was copying a template, one of the hazards of going live! Hiccups.

I guess I only had 19 tonight, lol! I thought it was 20. I will stock more next week guys. I'm trying to get caught up on some backend systems that will make things run a little smoother and I'm training some help. I cannot tell you guys enough how much I appreciate you for being as patient with me as you are. It's like starting a new job, super stressful. I'm getting the hang of it, I promise. In a few more weeks this will be a well-oiled machine -- I got you guys out of here in 45 minutes tonight. That's new, lol! I will also take requests new week, that was fun. And check your emails, some of you guys got a special link from me today (all of you will eventually). Do you like this? I would love feedback, you guys have been so quiet today. Remember you can always email me at crystal@cedarcreekfarmhouse.com I don't always respond super fast, I work at this about 12 hours a day right now, but I will eventually respond :)

Enough blabbering -- this little Largea measures just over 2" across. Some is about to score a nearly free succie. See you guys on Saturday! 

Names given here are direct from the grower, I try to correct any mistakes I see, but some are hybrids and I don't always know. Pictures are provided by the grower. I know some are blurry, I apologize about that. We work with a grower that provides the exact same plant photographed. So, rest assured you are getting what is depicted.

Presales are offered with free shipping. Expect shipping in about two weeks' time. If you are unfamiliar with how our presales work please click here for our policies. 

A little note about color intensity: Please note it is very cold in South Korea still and some of the hue intensity you see here may be related to cold stress and watering schedule (thirsty plants look the brightest). Sometimes the succulents lose a little bit of this color in transit and in warmer temps. Rest assured these photos have not been enhanced, but there is a slight possibility that once the succulent arrives the hue intensity may be slightly different, but the color intensity will return with colder temps and stress.

Sorry, currently out of stock

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