We have thought long and hard before jumping on the presale bandwagon. There are a lot of factors to consider before purchasing a presale plant. We wanted to give you some food for thought before you make a presale purchase with us.  

What will the plant I receive look like?

Some sellers will show you a plant that is representative of the plant you will receive, but we feel you should always be able to see the actual plant you are paying for. We have selected a vendor to work with that takes pictures of the exact plant you will be receiving. So, what you see is what you get.

That said, these pictures have been taken by our grower at the time of purchase, living items have a tendency to change somewhat when they are shipped overseas. We only use the fastest service available when importing plants, we pay extra for this to ensure your plants arrive to us in the best possible health.

How long will it take to receive my presale order?

From our store presales take up to two weeks to ship. You will get tracking info emailed to the email you provided us with at checkout.

The other positive about doing presales is it allows us to ship your plant in the fastest manner possible to you. There are no delays, once we receive your plant(s) they are immediately repackaged and sent out to you. It is not held for pictures, it is immediately checked for health and shipped right back out to you. If the plant arrives to us looking drastically different than the photos shown on our site you will get actual pictures before we ship it out and the opportunity to have a refund. If your plant arrives damaged to us it will be refunded immediately.

Why should I order presale plants from Cedar Creek Farmhouse?

Our presales are incentivized, as we do not have to take pictures of these plants and that saves us time. As a courtesy for trusting us with a presale you are extended free shipping on all presale items. If you are placing an order that includes an in-stock plant, the in-stock plant will ship immediately, but you will be charged our flat shipping rate for the in-stock item (s).

When are presales offered?

Presales will be offered every Monday around 9PM, EST and they will be available for purchase until Midnight on Tuesday, EST. After that they will become stock for a future upload. Our presale section is not indicative of all of the stock we have coming in, just a small segment of our stock, so please be sure to check back on Saturday for new uploads of unseen plants from other growers.

Are out of stocks a possibility?

No. Presales have already been ordered, they are not contingent on a customer purchasing the presale for us to bring the plant in. These plants have already been secured for sale and are already in route to us. If they do not sell on presale day they will be offered in the upcoming uploads in a week or so.

Quick Recap

Pros to presale:

-Healthier plants in most cases (reduced lag time)

-Free shipping

-What you see is what you get, the plant shown is the actual plant we have ordered.

Things to consider:

- There is a possibility the plant you order arrives to us damaged, with presales we have no way of knowing the plant will arrive safely. This is in contrast to the weekly uploads, as these plants are already in stock and in hand. In the case of damaged items a refund will be issued to your original form of payment immediately.

- These are not our pictures, so we cannot answer specific questions as to time of day these were taken, lighting, et cetera. We have to trust the grower as to what they provide.

- Most of the items have some level of stress color, stress colors have a tendency to change dependent on current conditions the plant is subjected to. Transit can affect these colors, so you are seeing pre-transit pictures of these plants and that is something to keep in mind. There shouldn't be a lot of color change and we email our customers pictures of the actual plant if it comes in looking drastically different to the photos shown on our site, at which point you have the right to cancel and be refunded.  

- Up to two weeks before delivery. If you are planning on going out of town or will be prevented from receiving your package any time in the next two weeks please email us after placing the order and let us know what your plans are so we can make sure to ship your plant(s) on a day you will be available to receive it.

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