• SPECIAL!! JUST CART! SALE! Echeveria Sp.
  • SPECIAL!! JUST CART! SALE! Echeveria Sp.


This is our only little guy that didn't sell this morning, but everyone needs a home. So, this one will just be a gift to whoever carts it first.

This one had been intended for MIMM, but he shipped thirsty and dropped a lot of color. I have no doubt he will color back up, but I didn't feel this one was represented well in its current form by our grower shots. I have enclosed a photo of what this one looked like pre-transit. This rosette also has a tiny pup. No idea what this hybrid is. 

Reason this cultivar is on sale: Lack of color, thirsty.

Size: About 2" across.

Rooted? Lots of fresh root starts.

Photos taken on: 10.22.19

Grade: 8

Retail Price (if perfect): with peak colors about $30-$35  

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 073711

We inspect and grade our sale succulents on a 10-point scale (10 being of the highest sale quality and 1 being good for propagation use only. We try to be objective and honest about how we rate the succulents listed here. We want to keep this category a relatively high end offering still (anything that falls below a 5 will be listed on our next The Good, The Bad and the Ugly sale). 

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