Availability- We have learned over this past year that this is truly a seasonal business. Plants do not import well during July through mid-September. It sucks, but these rare beauties just don't like to travel in warmer temps. The majority of succulents are in active growth cycles during warmer weather and they lose some of their natural, built in protection during these months. It makes them more susceptible to things like rot, fungus and only the hardiest of rares do well.

We will not be doing presales during these months, they're too unpredictable and we don't want to sell plants that aren't at their best. We will be working to find the hardiest rares to import during this time, but we will not follow our regularly schedule uploads during these months. We will only be offering in-stocks. We will give you more details on that as the time comes.

Other things to consider around availability, we have noticed a lot of frustration from some of our newer customers around sell outs and lack of availability. Guys, we deeply love you and your passion for these plants, but availability is something out of our control and we sell some pretty rare plants (that's why you love us, remember?). What we have available is usually only one or two of each per week and some cultivars we can only get our hands on 5-10 a year. 

We do our best to work requests when we have time, so if you have missed something please give us a chance to assist you in sourcing the plant that you missed.

The best way to let us know what you are looking for is to utilize the wishlist feature. We can see who wishlisted what and we can work privately behind the scenes to help you source those plants. If you would like more info on how to use our Wishlist feature please click here.

On exceedingly rare hybrids we sincerely try to keep it first come, first serve and these plants get sprinkled throughout our weekly listings as they are made available to us.

Carting is another thing we would be amiss not to mention. Checkouts happen in real time, so if you have a plant in the cart it is not reserved until you complete checkout. We have gotten so many harsh emails about this, we're genuinely sorry if you didn't score the plant you were hoping for but when you're working with such a limited amount of stock that is the only way to keep it fair.