Another exciting new website feature is available at The Farmhouse. And this one you'll want to check out, I know I've got to slow down on the puns. Can't help it... 

We have struggled with Special Requests -- there are many, many, many requests that come through weekly here and they're difficult for us to manage just because of the volume of requests. We have brainstormed solutions for this problem and we think we have come up with our best solution yet, Wishlist. By simply wishlisting your favorite plants our staff then have a quick and easy visual way to reference your requests weekly and get back to you with custom listings.

Most of our plants are assigned skus, so if you Wishlist something from a particular farm we can even try to get it from the same growers. You can amend your Wishlist at any time, if you found the plant you were searching for from another retailer, simply remove it from your Wishlist. It's a real-time reference guide for us to help you get where you want to be with your collection.

You are not required to have an account to use Wishlist, so it's really just a few button clicks. I invite you to give this new feature a try. Search for your favorite past succulents in the search bar, save them to a Wishlist, and then email us your Wishlist when you're ready to for us to start personal shopping. The Wishlist requests should be sent to

We'll get to work right away and you're under no obligation to purchase.


Here are the steps you take to utilize the new Wishlist feature:

Step 1- Search for the plants you've missed in the search bar. And once you're on the page with the plant you desire click 'add to wishlist' underneath the product description. 



Step 2- it will ask for your email address. This is only seen by our staff, it's a one step process, no account required and it will keep all of your items in one place. 




Step 3- Then to access your Wishlist just simply click the Wishlist tag in our navigation. This will obviously look a little different on mobile, but hopefully sharing the desktop version will be enough to walk you through the process. It's a very easy little update to navigate, but if you have any questions at all we're here to help!




Step 4- Now for the fun part, when you're ready for us to start shopping the farms on your behalf simply email us your list and we'll know you're ready to go. 



And that's it! Four little steps and you have an in-real time view of the plants you've missed and an easy way to tell us what you'd like us to track down for you.

To kick this off we'll also be extending an offer of 15% off your first Wishlist purchase (retail, plants, whatever). So add anything you wish, and then send that list to and let's go shopping together.


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    What a wonderful feature! Keep up the amazing-ness!

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