• (AVAILABLE), PRESALE Echeveria Akaihosi, Variegata
  • (AVAILABLE), PRESALE Echeveria Akaihosi, Variegata
  • (AVAILABLE), PRESALE Echeveria Akaihosi, Variegata
  • (AVAILABLE), PRESALE Echeveria Akaihosi, Variegata

(AVAILABLE), PRESALE Echeveria Akaihosi, Variegata

We have a handful of requests for these, but I think we have more plants available than requests, so I'm opening this up to everyone. If you were on a wait list for these and miss them I have held back three in reserve that aren't shown in this shot.

These Akaihosi will not be perfectly-perfect.

They may be slightly asymmetrical or have gaps from where they have consumed leaves over the summer. We try our best to import the most symmetrical plants possible, but one of our growers offered a good deal on these and we wanted to pass that savings onto you. You will see these in other shops for $85-$130 before shipping charges, we typically charge those prices too. So if you are looking for perfection these will probably be a pass and we will have more expensive ones with more of a perfect form when we return to our regular upload schedule in October.

And these are a fast growing rare, they should fill back out symmetrically within about four to six months. I have a reference shot of what a symmetrical one looks like after about two months of recovery (last photos two and three). We recently added a really neat Garden Journal to our retail product set and you can see one of these in the photo for that (and if you are interested in checking out the journal you can see that here)  The very last photo shows another Akaihosi after about a month of recovery. This is a beautiful species of plant. 

This is the exact lot that we purchased. You will get one of the nine plants shown here. These are going to measure in at about 3" across. 

Starting next month all of the plants we list on the site will already be in-house, but with special requests everything is Presale unless otherwise stated (it's the only way I can show different options available from the market place in real time). This plant has already been ordered and will be ready to ship by the end of the month.  

These variegated Echeveria Akaihosi were listed on our site on 9/19/19. Transit times are about two weeks, barring any delays with Customs.  

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: L091919


Sorry, currently out of stock

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