• (RESERVED) Echeveria Dark Ice, Double (Blemished)
  • (RESERVED) Echeveria Dark Ice, Double (Blemished)
  • (RESERVED) Echeveria Dark Ice, Double (Blemished)

(RESERVED) Echeveria Dark Ice, Double (Blemished)

This double is blemished. We have a long wait list for this plant and we're likely not going to be able to get to everyone, so I wanted to open this blemished Dark Ice to whomever might be watching this category that would like it. It has one flawed leaf towards the center where the plants meet

These are extremely stressed at the moment. These photos were taken by the cultivating farm this week, but this cultivar can 'cool' down in color on the trip over (cooling off may not happen, but these colors are only exhibited in times of stress and will come and go during the different seasons). You will likely see these colors throughout the winter months when this plant is thirsty or exposed to low temps. This is a double head, but sometimes this cultivar can separate in transit. If it does just pot her the way you would like her to grow and she will root where planted. This double is going to measure in at about 2" across. 

Starting next month all of the plants we list on the site will already be in-house, but with special requests everything is Presale unless otherwise stated (it's the only way I can show different options available from the market place in real time). This plant has already been ordered and will be ready to ship by the end of the month.  

This Echeveria Dark Ice. was listed on our site on 9/18/19. Transit times are about two weeks, barring any delays with Customs.  

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 070408


Sorry, currently out of stock

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