• Braunsia Maximiliani
  • Braunsia Maximiliani

Braunsia Maximiliani

This is the cultivar that Cedar Creek Farmhouse was built on. I had such a negative experience with a seller-- I will spare you the details. But, I was a private collector before that transaction and the seller was so incredibly rude that I thought I wanted to do a little something different. Long story short Cedar Creek was formed and the rest has been nothing short of a blessing and my customers have become my friends. I will always hold a special place in my heart for this cultivar, and in hindsight even the seller.

These don't always import well, they require a certain amount of recovery. We have gotten her started with some water therapy, but she's still a little wrinkled and we'll include a little water propagation vessel with her to help you out with getting her rehydrated. This is a pretty trailing cultivar. I have three in my collection right now and I will tell you these are super thirsty little guys, but very rewarding if you treat them right. 

This is a small little clump of Braunsia, she only measures in at about 2" across. I suggest  you continue with water therapy until these wrinkles are gone and then watch her closely, she will demand water frequently. 


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