Cremneria 'Expatriata' f. Cristata

No one is sure where this plant originated, no wild localities are known. Best guesses speculate the parentage is a cross between Cremnophila linguifolia and Echeveria amoena 'Microcalyx.' Non-crested plants grow low to the grow, but are still distinctively caulescent. The crested varieties feature a very wide, often naked stem with a dense rosette leaf crown.

You will receive the exact plant pictured. This is a very pretty crest featuring an array of subtle pink and green hues with a rippling, wavy crown. Colors can vary on monitors/devices, but we try to represent the true color as accurately as possible. The stem measures about 5" across and 5" tall. The stem supports a very sparse root system. Please click here if you need rooting instructions. 

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