• Echeveria 'Angpang'
  • Echeveria 'Angpang'
  • Echeveria 'Angpang'

Echeveria 'Angpang'

This is another one of stop-in-your-tracks, 'cart now' for the collectors. This is called an 'Angpang' but I've also heard growers call this 'Fang'. If you are familiar with rare succulents you will know what a Golden State is, these have a similar leaf type to those. They tend to be a very pale yellow with reddish and sometimes pink accents along the edges. This little rosette is pulling water from two of its outermost leaves and it will continue to do this until planted in its new home. I'm going to leave these leaves attached so it has a water source and doesn't utilize any other mature leaves for water. 

A very rare find. This 'Angpang' measures just about 2" across the rosette and ships with very sparse roots due to strict import requirements. 


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