• Echeveria Arteusa
  • Echeveria Arteusa

Echeveria Arteusa

Arteusas are really popular in our store. We have sold every one we have ever listed, and some customers have come back for seconds, lol! I think these are prettier than our photos give them credit for, our bright studio lights kind of wash them out in our pics. They are a chalky, soft pink with very fat leaves. The center growth is a seafoam green, but that quickly blushes with maturity. This one is a little misshapened. She lost a few of her mature leaves during transit, due to being jostled. These tend to be a very hardy plant. We have not heard any bad reports so far and we have never lost one, they are pretty forgiving thanks to their built up water storage. I recommend this plant to people just starting out with rares. I'm marking this one down tonight due to her asymmetry. She measures 2.75" and has sparse roots, she has already put out one bloom stalk in her life, so she's definitely blooming size.

And guys I could not find my tape measure tonight, I know I usually include a shot next to my old, trusty tape measure -- I think my ten-year-old daughter stole it for a project, lol! I'm measuring these with a ruler as I'm listing. 

Sorry, currently out of stock

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