Echeveria Bradburiana (Clusters)

"Not a lot of information is known about the Bradburiana. It features distinctly floral petal-type leaves, however the rosettes are densely packed and arranged in such a way that the overall look reminds me of peony flowers. The colors are striking and vary from deep violet to raspberry pink, depending on the season. The leaves are thin and not as chubby as most succulents, so her watering needs are slightly greater and the leaves are more susceptible to accidental damage/breakage. Still a very hardy succulent. I have one in my garden that I forgot to water for over a month this winter and she is doing absolutely fine."


You will receive one of the two plants pictured. Some of the bottom leaves are wrinkled/dehydrated from transit, this is normal and she will probably utilize these leaves for her watering needs until she sets up in her new home. These are a rich shade of violet at the moment. Colors can vary on monitors/devices, but we try to represent the true color as accurately as possible. Cluster one features six heads and measures 3.25" in length and 2.5" wide. Cluster two features seven heads and measures 4" in length and 2" wide. Both stems have very sparse roots. Please click here if you need rooting instructions. 

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