• Echeveria Lauii Hybrid
  • Echeveria Lauii Hybrid
  • Echeveria Lauii Hybrid

Echeveria Lauii Hybrid

I keep trying to get this one in for you guys, but this is the last one I have on order or in hand for resale at the moment. Now, quick note, I have not played with her colors, but on her dead-on headshot she went a little pink. Something about this one is throwing weird colors under our lights. She is more like the last two photos in person, she has been recently imported and is not throwing her yellows just perfectly yet. Her form is beyond gorgeous and it should take no time if you know how to stress to get her throwing those pretty chardonnay yellows.

 She measures in at 3" across and has an old stem. Like I said, recent import, so not much time for rooting on our end, we can't keep these in stock long, but she does have one long root fiber getting started, so she should start rooting quickly from here. 

Sorry, currently out of stock

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