Echeveria Cupid, (Random)

Cupids are also a quintessential must for any rare succulent collection. These are very forgiving cultivar -- great for the beginner! They are easy to propagate by leaf and grow into beautiful mature specimens. Sometimes they will cluster, most of the time if they don't cluster as pups you are going to be stuck with single heads with the occasional pup.

The leaves are oblong in shape and narrow, but full and plump when properly hydrated. The leaves always have a weird little dimple on the underside of each leaf that we just find charming, each mature leaf will develop this one little dimple on the underside of each tip. They can have a decent waxy farina coating on the mature leaves, but it easily rubs off, so you see most mature plants without much farina.

They can range from shades of purple (sometimes called 'Lilac Spoons') all the way to a bright pink under stress conditions. They never go green and are easy to keep. Mature sizes easily reach 4" across on mature specimens. These randoms will ship out at approximately 1.75" across. We have included a picture of what these randoms should look like when fully mature, please reference the last two pictures for a fully mature Cupid. 

These were ordered on June 14, 2018, ETA on these Cupids are approximately July 7th, 2018. As a result there is free shipping on this product right now, as this is technically a 'presale item.' 

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