• Echeveria Curly Bra
  • Echeveria Curly Bra
  • Echeveria Curly Bra

Echeveria Curly Bra

I try to be as transparent as possible and the colors exhibited in this first shot look a tad bit exaggerated to my naked eye. Sometimes the studios lights can enhance certain color thrown, but I always try to point that out. These are similar to an Etna or a Linguas, but different. They are in the frill family, but when they mature their leaves curl so dramatically they almost form a tube. These are called 'Curly Bra' in South Korea, don't know where the 'bra' fits in, but it is a sexy succulent when properly stressed, lol. 

She is the last 'Curly Bra' we have in stock. She does have one scar on her that you can see in all of our pictures. 

She measures in at 3" across, sparse roots with 2-3 fresh root fibers started (she should start producing lots of roots from here). She is using some of her most mature leaves for water at the moment (typical of frills), she will stop consuming these leaves once established, nothing will be plucked from this cultivar prior to shipping. 


Sorry, currently out of stock

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