• Echeveria Da Vinci, (Random)
  • Echeveria Da Vinci, (Random)
  • Echeveria Da Vinci, (Random)

Echeveria Da Vinci, (Random)

This is a new cultivar for us, but it has been around for a little bit, it's just rarely offered over here. The colors are chalky blue and mulberry. The outer leaves on types varieties like this (thin skinned leaves) will pull moisture as they travel, so expect these to arrive with some of those mature leaves missing and it might be slightly asymmetrical. They will recover quickly. These are the actual two plants ordered for this listing, and they measure in at about 2.5" across.  

These Echeverias Da Vincis were ordered on July 1st, 2018, ETA on these are approximately August 1st, 2018 (they may come in sooner and will ship as soon as they arrive). As a result there is free shipping on this product right now, as this is technically a 'presale item.' 


Sorry, currently out of stock

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