• Echeveria 'Dami' Cluster
  • Echeveria 'Dami' Cluster
  • Echeveria 'Dami' Cluster

Echeveria 'Dami' Cluster

This looks exactly like a drying bouquet of flowers to me. It didn't photograph so hot, but in person it is really kind of remarkable. It's a tiny little cluster, all the new growth is green, but as the mature leaves start to stress and die back they turn a pretty shade of red. I didn't pull them for photos because I think the dried leaves kind of love lovely in this one. It's shaped like a bride's bouquet, round and for the most part symmetrical. I just thought this one was really neat. The red will be a living red over the winter months, but I kind of love how this one is just as it is right now. 

You will receive the exact plant pictured. Colors can vary on monitors/devices and due to lighting conditions at the time of photography, but we try to represent the true color as accurately as possible. Stress impacts color significantly. So, the plant you receive may change somewhat from the time these pictures were taken to when you receive it, just depending on how it travels, but it should revert back to a color similar to what is shown in the listing photo. 

Little cluster measures approximately 2.5" inches across, depending on the angles you measure from and is about 1" tall, ships bare root.

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