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Echeveria Eiria

These photos were taken Friday, October 11th, 2019.

On Fridays we're going to attempt to do a little product feature with a few offerings for the cultivar that you can hand pick from. Today's grouping is lovely batch of single rosette Eiria. 

Eiria is a hybrid, we're not sure what the parentage is on this one, but we have seen this same plant offered across multiple farms in South Korea. She tends to have range of colors she can throw, right now they're throwing scuppernong green with harvest gold highlights and a strawberry edge. In the winter these tend to go more of a true yellow with a lilac center, some will throw brilliant orange, depending on your region. 

These photograph almost looking a bit translucent. And farina can be a funny thing, sometimes it will 'glow' in photos, but not so much to the naked eye, so please remember that when looking at our photos here. Last two photos are reference photos of past Eiria we have sold, perfectly stressed.

Most of the rosettes we're offering today are pretty close to symmetrical, but these are using up a very small amount of lower leaves and their shape may change slightly in the coming days. No major leaf consumption on these, just a friendly little disclaimer :) 

These lot is all very similar, but you are able to hand-pick the exact rosette that you'd like. They're all measuring in at about 2.5-3" across, bare root from the cultivating farm.

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: L101103


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