• Echeveria Flying Cloud
  • Echeveria Flying Cloud
  • Echeveria Flying Cloud

Echeveria Flying Cloud

Flying Clouds have been particularly scarce this year. They only import well about six weeks out of the year. We were only able to get four this year, one we gifted to a special customer who had been waiting for one, two we kept for breeding so we one day won't have to rely solely on Korea (a very long game approach, lol, but it's in the works) and this one is the last one we have. She's not stressed, stressed Flying Clouds don't always import well. But, she will stress in her new home and she is healthy. These throw cotton candy colors when they're cold.

She is pretty small for this cultivar, these usually hit about 5" and she's measuring in at about the 2.25" mark. Some fresh roots, nice wooden stem.

If you didn't read my announcement I wanted to let you know that I am reshooting these photos in natural light. Photos take a little while, I can shoot about ten plants in an hour and I've been working all morning on reshoots.

I do have to be in the office pretty early today, so I only have ten for you this morning. I will be listing some more this evening and tomorrow morning, but anything purchased after noon will not ship out until next week.


Sorry, currently out of stock

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