• Echeveria cv HAKUHOU
  • Echeveria cv HAKUHOU
  • Echeveria cv HAKUHOU

Echeveria cv HAKUHOU

Hakuhous originated from Japan and still very rare in the United States. These are a Lauii and Pallida crossbreed that has earned its own classification. Do not be fooled by the green shown on these HAKUHOUs. We only use our own pictures or pictures straight from the growers we purchase from, but we highly recommend you doing a quick Google image search of 'Echeveria cv HAKUHOU' and take a look at the amazing stress colors this cultivar throws.  

This HAKUHOU has soft lower leaves from being recently imported, but should firm up quickly after being potted. We don't want to do anything that would increase the chance of rot before shipping, but water therapy or potting will get this guy to firm up within just about a week's time. She shouldn't lose anymore leaves. She has a fresh root system and measures just over 4.5" across at her widest point. If she doesn't firm up for you after three weeks just drop me a line, I do my best to take care of our customers. 


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