Echeveria La Amé

All of our growers originally had these classified as 'Echies,' but I feel strongly this is of the Pachyphytum family after getting them in my hands, the grower's classification is listed in the listing title, but just know that I personally think these are Pahchys. 

This chubby little beauty is purpose gray with hints of glacier farina. She has no less than three pups under her mature leaves. She is asymmetrical, but only because she is pulling moisture to support these babies. These do stress, when they're not actively growing. The last picture is a grower photo of the same cultivar, although not the exact plant shown here (this is just a reference photo of the colors you can expect her to throw, although she is gorgeous now). She measures in at 2.5" across her widest point and ships with sparse roots. . 


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