• Echeveria Lauii
  • Echeveria Lauii

Echeveria Lauii

These photos were taken today, Saturday, October 19th, 2019. This Saturday in Atlanta has been rainy, we typically try to take our photos with adequate natural lighting to prevent wash out of color from our studio lights. Unfortunately today we were unable to do that and these photos were taken under our studio lights, which are very harsh. Colors may be brighter in person, depending on the cultivar. 

I've been trying to keep pretty Lauiis on our weekly uploads. This week I ordered three, but this was the only one that shipped perfectly. She is just a tiny bit soft upon picking her up, but it's not anything I'm concerned about, it's a tiny bit of softeness and you can see that in this cultivar after a recent import. She should firm back up.

She's got a nice powder, a little more blue in person than these photos indicate. She's measuring in at about 3" across. Very sparse roots from the cultivating farm and you will not want to water her until she puts out fresh pink root starts. This is a slow rooting echie and those can take 2-4 weeks to appear. She's not showing any signs of leaf consumption and should have enough water to get her through the rooting period without pulling leaves.

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 076303



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